Chinese Films


Call number Title
[RENTAL] DVD Balzac Balzac and the little Chinese seamstress [videorecording] : a tailor made romance
[RENTAL] DVD Beginning Jian dang wei ye [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Bijing Shi qi sui de dan che [videorecording] = Beijing bicycle /
[RENTAL] DVD Blind Blind mountain [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Blind Blind shaft [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Blue Lan feng zheng [videorecording] = The blue kite /
[RENTAL] DVD Chungking Chongqing sen lin [videorecording] = Chungking express /
[RENTAL] DVD Crouching Crouching tiger, hidden dragon [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Curse Man cheng jin dai huang jin jia [videorecording] = Curse of the golden flower
[RENTAL] DVD Dream Dream home [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Eat Yin shi nan nü [videorecording] = Eat drink man woman /
[RENTAL] DVD Emperor's Qin Song [videorecording] = The Emperor's shadow /
[RENTAL] DVD Fallen Duo luo tian shi [videorecording] = Fallen angels /
[RENTAL] DVD Farewell Farewell my concubine [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Fei Fei chang wan mei [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Fei Fei cheng wu rao [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Feng Feng sheng [videorecording] = The message /
[RENTAL] DVD Gun 5 ke zi dan [videorecording] = Gun of mercy /
[RENTAL] DVD Happy Chun guang zha xie [videorecording] = Happy together /
[RENTAL] DVD Hero Hero [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD House House of Flying Daggers [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Ip Ip man 2 [videorecording] : legend of the grandmaster /
[RENTAL] DVD Iron Iron monkey [videorecording] = Siunin wong fei-hung tsi titmalau /
[RENTAL] DVD Island Island etude [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Killer Killer [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Kung Kung fu hustle [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Last The last emperor [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Let Rang zi dan fei [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Little Da bing xiao jiang [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Lust Lust, caution [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Mountain Kekexili [videorecording] = Mountain patrol /
[RENTAL] DVD Ocean Ocean heaven [videorecording].
[RENTAL] DVD Raise Raise the red lantern [videorecording] = Da hong deng long gao gao gua
[RENTAL] DVD Road The road home [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Seven Qi jian [videorecording] = Seven swords /
[RENTAL] DVD Shower Xi zao [videorecording] = Shower /
[RENTAL] DVD Snow Snow flower and the secret fan [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Spring Spring fever [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Story The story of Qiu Ju [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Sunflower Xiang ri kui [videorecording] = Sunflower /
[RENTAL] DVD Supercop Supercop [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Time Time and tide [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Together Together [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Triad Triad election [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Twenty-four Er shi si cheng ji [videorecording] = 24 city /
[RENTAL] DVD Twenty-four Er shi si cheng ji [videorecording] = 24 city /
[RENTAL] DVD What Ni na bian ji dian [videorecording] = What time is it there? /
[RENTAL] DVD Yi Yi Yi Yi [videorecording] = A one and a two /
[RENTAL] DVD Ying Ying han [videorecording] = The underdog knight /
[RENTAL] DVD Zhou Zhou Yu de huo che [videorecording] = Zhou Yu's train /



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