eBooks for the Nook, Sony Reader or Kobo

On this page:
-Downloading Library eBooks for the Nook, Sony Reader or Kobo
-Returning Library eBooks for the Nook, Sony Reader or Kobo
-Helpful hints
-Watch a video from the Wellesley Free Library about how to borrow library ebooks for your Nook

Downloading Library eBooks for the Nook, Sony Reader or Kobo

1. On a computer, open an Internet browser and go to the Digital Media Catalog website: http://digital.minlib.net.

2. Click on the “Sign In” tab at the top right corner of the page.

3. Type your library card number with no spaces, then your PIN. (Your PIN should be the last 4 digits of your library card number, unless you have changed it.)

4. Successfully entering your card number and PIN will bring you to the My Digital Media Account page.

5. To find e-books available to check out immediately, click on the “Advanced Search” link.

6. On the Format drop-down menu, choose Adobe EPUB eBook. To refine your search further, you may also enter information into the fields above, or select choices from other drop-down menus.

7. Click the check box to show only e-books that are currently available. Click “Search.”

8. Scroll through the results. Notice that each record includes the notation “Adobe EPUB eBook.” To start the checkout process, click on “add to cart.” Make sure to click on the “add to cart” that is on the same line as “Adobe EPUB eBook.”

9. Click on “Proceed to Checkout.”

10. Choose your checkout period, then click “Confirm Checkout.”

11. Select “Click here to download software…” (You only have to do this the first time you download.)

12. Follow prompts to download Adobe Digital Editions.

13. Select “Install” and “Confirm.” When prompted you will need to enter your Adobe Digital ID. If you do not have a Adobe Digital ID, you can get one here.

14. Select “Desktop Shortcut” and click on “Next.” When process says “Completed,” click on “Close.” The Adobe Digital Editions screen (dark brown) will appear. Minimize this screen.

15. Now, go back to the earlier screen where the book you chose is displayed. Select “Download.”

16. Select “Open.” Select “Allow,” if asked.

17. Adobe Digital Editions will open, and when you select “Library View” in the upper left corner of the window, you will see the book that you just checked out.

18. Plug the Nook into the USB port on your computer. A box will appear asking you to authorize device. Follow the prompts to authorize your device. (You only have to do this the first time you download.) Your Nook will now be listed on the left side of the screen as Nook, My NookColor, or Media.

19. Click on the book title, and drag and drop onto the word “Nook,” NookColor,” or “Media.” The book has now been downloaded to your device.

20. On the lower right of the screen, right-click on the icon to “Safely Remove Hardware.” Choose “Eject Nook.” You may now unplug your device from the computer and enjoy reading on your Nook.

Returning Library eBooks for the Nook, Sony Reader or Kobo

You will need to return the eBook by using Adobe Digital Editions
1. Open Adobe Digital Editions.
2. Select the 'Library View' icon (in the upper left corner).
3. The Adobe Digital Editions library is displayed.
4. Under the 'Bookshelves' heading, select 'Borrowed'.
5. Click the eBook you want to return.
6. Click the 'Item Options' arrow (in the upper left corner of the selected eBook).
7. Select 'Return Borrowed Item'.
8. Click 'Return' to verify that you want to return the eBook.
The eBook is returned.

Helpful Hints

-If you have downloaded the eBook and have your Nook plugged in, but you cannot see how to drag and drop the eBook, be sure to select “Library View” in the upper left corner of the window. This will change the display and allow you to see both the eBook you just borrowed and the icon for your Nook, so you can drag and drop the eBook over the Nook icon.

-eBooks downloaded to the Nook from Overdrive may not show up in the same location on your Nook as eBooks purchased from Barnes and Noble. Check for them on the Nook in “My Documents” or “My Files.”

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