Spanish Films


Call number Title
[RENTAL] DVD Altiplano Altiplano [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Amores Amores perros [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD August August evening [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Aura El aura [videorecording] = The aura /
[RENTAL] DVD Bad Bad day to go fishing [videorecording].
[RENTAL] DVD Bad La mala educación [videorecording] = Bad education /
[RENTAL] DVD Bella Bella [videorecording].
[RENTAL] DVD Belle Belle epoque [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Bombon Bombón, el perro [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Broken Broken embraces [videorecording]
[RENTAL] DVD Cautiva Cautiva [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Colors Los colores de la montãna [videorecording] = The colors of the mountain /
[RENTAL] DVD Cria Cria cuervos [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Crime The crime of Padre Amaro [videorecording].
[RENTAL] DVD Dark Azuloscurocasinegro [videorecording] = Darkbluealmostblack /
[RENTAL] DVD Devil's El espinazo del diablo [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Elipsis Elipsis [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Exterminating The exterminating angel [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Family Family law [videorecording] = Derecho de familia /
[RENTAL] DVD Fermat's Fermat's room [videorecording] = La habitación de Fermat /
[RENTAL] DVD FIC Temporada de patos [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Gigante Gigante [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Holy The holy girl [videorecording] = La niña santa /
[RENTAL] DVD Karen Karen llora en un bus [videorecording] = Karen cries on the bus /
[RENTAL] DVD Kept Kept and dreamless [videorecording] = [Las mantenidas sin sueños] /
[RENTAL] DVD Ladrones Ladrones [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Lake Lake Tahoe [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Lion's Lion's den [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Live Carne trémula [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Lost El abrazo partido [videorecording] = Lost embrace /
[RENTAL] DVD Lovers Los amantes del Círculo Polar [videorecording] = Lovers of the Arctic Circle /
[RENTAL] DVD Maid The maid [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Matador Matador [videorecording].
[RENTAL] DVD Me Me too [videorecording] = Yo, también /
[RENTAL] DVD Milk The milk of sorrow [videorecording].
[RENTAL] DVD Mondays Mondays in the sun [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Motorcycle The motorcycle diaries [videorecording] = Diarios de motocicleta /
[RENTAL] DVD My My way [videorecording] : a gangster's saga = El cuento de un pandillero /
[RENTAL] DVD No No eres tu soy yo [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Nora's 5 días sin Nora [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Norte El norte [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Octubre Octubre [videorecording].
[RENTAL] DVD Only Only human [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Open Abre los ojos [videorecording] = Open your eyes /
[RENTAL] DVD Orphanage The orphanage [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD P.V.C-1 PVC-1 [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Pan's Pan's labyrinth [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Paraiso Paraiso travel [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Paseo Paseo [videorecording].
[RENTAL] DVD Perfect The perfect crime [videorecording] = El crimen ferpecto /
[RENTAL] DVD Pope's El baño del papa [videorecording] = The Pope's toilet /
[RENTAL] DVD Quinceanera Quinceaǹ‹era [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Rage Rage [videorecording] = Rabia /
[RENTAL] DVD Red Un oso rojo [videorecording] = A red bear /
[RENTAL] DVD Sangre Sangre de mi sangre [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Saving Saving private Perez [videorecording].
[RENTAL] DVD Sea Mar adentro [videorecording] = The sea inside /
[RENTAL] DVD Secret Secret in their eyes /
[RENTAL] DVD Secuestro Secuestro express [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Sin Sin dejar huella [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Sin Sin nombre [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Spirit The spirit of the beehive [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Stranded Stranded [videorecording] : I've come from a plane that crashed on the mountains /
[RENTAL] DVD Sugar Sugar [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Tango Tango [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Things Cosas que dejé en La Habana [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Ultima La última mirada [videorecording] = The last gaze /
[RENTAL] DVD Unconscious Unconscious [videorecording].
[RENTAL] DVD Undertow Contracorriente [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Valentin Valentin [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Volver Volver [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Wind Journeys The wind journeys [videorecording].
[RENTAL] DVD Women Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios [videorecording] /
[RENTAL] DVD Y Y tu mamá también [videorecording] /



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